HTCLogger.apk security patch rolls in Europe for HTC Sensation


Apparently a software update from the Taiwanese handset maker is already rolling over the air (OTA) for the European version of HTC Sensation (no word for the rest of the world US, Asia, Middle East).

The update comes to fix HTCLogger.apk security hole discovered 10 days ago and you should see this version number 1.45.401.3 when you will get prompt to download it (9MB in size). Users across EU reported it as rolling in countries like: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Serbia.

Before you start asking why is not available in your country yet, it’s not because it really depends on your local carrier when they make it available and how fast they move (confirm with a comment down below if you get it in any other EU country than those mentioned above).


Thanks Markus & Andrea for the tip!

source Olivetti Olipad via XDA & Android-Hilfe