Update: PocketDroid successfully moved on a new hosting server over the weekend!!


While our traffic increased tremendously in the last 30 days (thanks to you guys out there — our readers) the hosting server can not take this burden anymore. That’s why we have to move everything on a new server.

We will have to move the whole website this weekend on a new server, so if you experience any downtime from our website please bear with us until we finish moving everything.

All the moving plan shouldnt take more than a few hours, but in the eventuality of an unpredictable event that might occur, please hold up as we will be back by Monday morning on brand new server.

Update: We managed to successfully migrate everything on our new server (we want to thank Hostway employes  for a great and fast job and I also want to thank to our close friend Vlad for being the great guy that he is!). If you encounter any problems please do not hesitate contact us.