No effect on Android sales by persistent patents attack, says Larry Page


Larry Page, CEO of Google says that he sees no signs of dip in Android sales despite the continuous attacks of Microsoft, Apple and Oracle.

Page revealed that Microsoft is pushing manufacturers such as HTC who use both Microsoft and Android on their devices as OS’s to sign licensing deals that allow them to use Android on their devices. He says that they are continuously resorting to legal measures to try to disrupt their partners.


We’re seeing no signs that that’s effective,” Page told an analyst in response to a question. “If anything, our position is getting stronger.

Earlier today, Quanta (a Taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook computers and other electronic hardware) signed a licensing deal with Microsoft to use Android as well as Google’s Chrome operating system.

Google’s mobile operating system picked up tremendous momentum from July to September. Today, during Google’s Q3 earnings conference call, CEO Larry Page said that the total number of activations had reached 190 million — that’s up from 135 million three months ago. Last week, Apple reported that it had sold 250 million iOS devices to date, up 25 million during the same time period.


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