Motorola XPRT update close to roll out, still no Gingerbread?


 Motorola is on a update-spree this week, they first dropped Android Gingerbread update on Droid 2X (finally!!!), a maintenance update for Photon 4G and now we hear rumors of an update for Motorola XPRT from Sprint, but it seems it’s not going to be Gingerbread firmware upgrade (sad face).

It seems it’s a Froyo enhancements/fixes update but not Gingerbread. Here is a quick list of the enhancements and fixes update brings:

 Description of Enhancement/Fix

– CDMA Settings
– Dialing International voice calls with 1+ while on the Sprint network (dialing from the US) and while in domestic roaming mode
– Sending SMS messages with more than 160 characters
– EAS PIN support
– Email marker to indicate if a message was replied to or forwarded
– Voicemail issue associated with phone number swaps on existing devices


source Sprint via PocketNow