Daily Android App: Claystone 3D Launcher v1.11


Claystone Labs updated their 3D launcher called, what else Claystone to version 1.11 which brings a new feature, the ability to customize launch bar items (shortcuts).

This version also brings a list of enhancements (performance) fixes to address reported issues and optimize user experience.

Its pretty neat how the windows float in a 3D enviremont and the appdrawer has some great features like grouping all Claystone apps in one place.


A New Way to Navigate Android

Claystone’s home screen experience is designed around panels of content that are grouped and organized into stacks. By tapping the stack icon in the middle of the launch bar, you’re presented a 3D overview of your open panels that allows you to easily navigate amidst a wealth of integrated media, including: photos, videos, news feeds, and more.

With Claystone, we’ve done our best to ensure Android users spend less time switching being apps and more time enjoying their content.

Claystone Launcher is available for free on the Android market along with a few themes, some are free some are paid themes.




  1. Thanks for the kind words, Florian!

    We’ve also posted a new update to Claystone on Android Market, featuring several additional features and some performance/stability enhancements to improve the 3D experience.

    We’re working our butts off to continue to evolve this launcher and really appreciate the coverage from PocketDroid as we do so! :)


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