(App Update) Viber Free Calls & Messages v2.1 brings a new voice engine, sharing location and photos


Viber Free Calls & Messages app for Android received a major update to version 2.1.0 bringing a brand new voice engine which will improve calls quality, sharing location and photos all requested by users via feedback.

Alongside with the above improvements the UI of the application received a facelift too, making the experience even better and also adds support for sending messages in landscape mode.

What’s in this version:

  1. All new Voice engine!
  2. Viber is now location-aware! Share your current location with your contacts so that they will know from where your message was sent.
  3. Send and receive Photos.
  4. We changed the order of the tabs in order to improve accessibility to the ‘Messages’ section.
  5. New “is typing” indicator will notify you when he or she is typing a new message.
  6. Landscape support for Messages.
  7. We have rearranged the ‘More’ screen, and added new customization features.
  8. Bug fixes.