[UPDATE]Android Market blocked in China again


Strained ties between Google and China have further led to the blocking of the Android Market for Chinese users. The market has been unavailable for many users in China whereas other have reported lag and timeout issues.

This issue was first reported by ‘Blocked in China‘ a site which tests URLs to see whether they are accessible in the five provinces of China. This isn’t the first instance that the market has been blocked with reports of it being down originating as far back as 2009.

market android blocked Android Market blocked in China again   but for how long?

Users in China will now have to use the local app stores which are not blocked as of now. These local app stores are used by various users in China on phones that are not synced to the Official Android Market. Although it is not an ideal solution it may at least relieve users who are in search for new apps.

Google may be in for more heartbreak as search rival Baidu is looking at building its own OS, Qiushi, which is apparently based on the Android OS itself.

Google’s other services such as Google Talk and Gmail have also reportedly been hit. Google+, the search giants social networking site, along with Twitter and Facebook are also on the “Great Firewall Blacklist” formulated by the Chinese Government.

PocketDroid will keep you updated with further news as soon as it is available.

[UPDATE] Android Market is back up for users in China with comment from Google to reflect that this Android market is different from the Android Market used in the U.S. Users instead visit a Web site on a computer to access online services .