CyanogenMod stable v7.1 officially launched (Android 2.3.7)


Announced to launch on October 2nd CyanogenMod got delayed for this week due to some technical problem, but who’s complaining now that CM7.1 is here and stable (better later than never).

CyanogenMod stable version 7.1 (based on Android 2.3.7) is now available for download (68 Android devices supported among them the whole Xperia line-up). HP TouchPad, LG Optimus 3D, Pyramid, Doubleshot and Shooter soon to be added to the list of supported devices as they are still in beta testing.

CHANGELOG (notable new features) 7.1.0

  • Common: Android 2.3.7 (Google)
  • Common: Bluetooth mouse support – Scott Brady
  • Common: Improve notification swipe-to-clear – Evan Charlton
  • Common: Improve album-artist support in media scanner – Paul Crovella
  • Common: Profile improvements and bugfixes – Martin Long, Danny Baumann, Robert Burns
  • Common: RTL text improvements – Eyad Aboulouz, Eran Mizrahi
  • Common: Wake on volume key option – Sven Dawitz
  • Common: Support for revoking application permissions – Plamen K. Kosseff
  • Common: Latest Superuser app – ChainsDD
  • Common: Control brightness by sliding on statusbar – Danesh M
  • Common: Add “copy all” to context menu – Danesh M
  • Common: Lockscreen haptic and statusbar indicators toggle – Danesh M
  • Common: Nicer timepicker/datepicker –