Weekend Game – ZomBinLaden (Free)


If your bored to death here is a stupid but fun game to play its called ZomBinLaden. Bin Laden is coming back from the dead as a zombie that you need to hunt down and catch.

The game has some special appearances of Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Einstein and other historical characters.Taliban zombie terrorists are trying to protect their mentor, so take care not to hurt innocent and even famous people in this highway to hell! Smash zombie heads!!

ZomBinLande includes four challenging game modes: timed, endless, wanted and memory mode.

  • TIMED MODE – Hit as many zombies as possible in a limited time match.
  • ENDLESS MODE – Hunt down a target zombie on an endless match.
  • WANTED MODE – Different zombies are the target at each round in this challenging game.
  • MEMORY MODE – Test your mind in a memory game match.