Daily Android Game: Pigs in Trees


For those bord of Angry Birds here is a new game with loads of fun spread over 4 campaigns and 75 levels!!

Yeah the title is a little weird “Pigs in Trees” from PAN Vision AB, but who really cares about a title when the game itself is packed with action and excitement, exactly what we need from an Android-based game.

Storyline: The woodpeckers are attacking your tree and your role is to defend your home and your pig family from the invading force of enemies. Using a real-time line drawing game mechanic, you must protect the pig’s tree nest by shooting down enemy woodpeckers with an air force made of pigs.


  • Intense gameplay!
  • 4 campaigns and 75 levels.
  • Lots of fun and crazy power ups to collect.
  • Perform combos and get big scores.