Update: First real photo of Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Tuna) video footage included



We stumble upon this presumably real photo of Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime) there’s suppose to be a video too but it seems the video footage vanished somehow from our source.

Is this image for real? We’re taken this with a pinch of salt and you should too. I do not doubt that the device in the image above looks neat but i have my reserve on the authenticity of it.

Update: We have the video footage too, here it is.. its real and its similar to what we have seen a few days ago in that 2 min video clip with a “Nexus S” bought from eBay with Ice Cream Sandwich on it. The uploader says its called Nexus Tuna

What do you think could this be the 3rd Nexus smartphone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich?


via Mobilissimo.ro