Editorial – Nexus Prime (Tuna, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Prime) whatever the name


Alright, with all the madness surrounding Galaxy Nexus/Prime in the last few days, I finally managed to take a quick break and re-think all this bundle of information about the 3rd Nexus device, so here is what I’ve concluded so far.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus might launch in two variants one for US and one for Europe (maybe Asia). Usually what launches in Europe goes in Asia and vice-versa. Which makes Nexus phone codenamed Tuna the European version of Galaxy Nexus. Am I reasoning so far? Still following me? Confused?

GSMArena might have been also right with its specifications posted yesterday, but those either are the specs of Nexus Prime for US or could be from Samsung Galaxy S III which we suspect it will launch in 2012 alongside with the Olympics held in London, UK (see the Sponsor deal closed by Samsung Electronics with David Beckham and UK earlier this year for the Olympics 2012).

I guess we will connect the dots after Samsung Mobile Unpacked event @CTIA, don’t we?


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