Bubbleator Live Wallpaper App Review


Android is about customization and more and more tweaking around the UI. One such prime example is merging the Widgets along with Live Wallpapers. The amalgamation is so useful and an eye-candy, Bubbleator just hits on the bush instead of hitting around it.

Bubbleator is an app which installs a widget-live wallpaper on your home-screen, taking up 1/3rd of the screen. It displays various widget-like boxes which crucially integrates your Facebook and Twitter account feed making your normally boring home-screen, a panorama of vibrant stream of updates to stay in touch with your lovely ones just staying on the home-screen.

The current integration of Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, Missed Calls, Weather is available on the latest version of the app. But more plugins and more social app support will be supported in the future release.

To dig further into the feed, it’s just a click away and a cool feature is this, if you don’t need a specific feed, just flick it away!

Bubbleator even helps you customize your Android home screen. With Bubbleator, you can pick the number and different kinds of bubbles you want displayed, control the number of posts by person, and set the background wallpaper to any image on your device.

As it just a live wallpaper, it supports devices which have Android 2.1+

Known issues are the app still doesn’t support Sense 3.0 devices which is a pretty let-down due to the face that half of Android users come from the HTC country. Still for the other half of the Android world, just dig into it and you will never look back!!