NTT Docomo and NEC could bring 10 minutes charger for all mobile devices


Probably the main concern for all electronics consumers with rechargeable devices (gadgets) is the battery, because many mobile devices don’t last 24 hours after a full charge some don’t even last for 4-5 hours long.

But what if we could charge our Android device in 10 minutes or less? NTT Docomo and NEC join hands to come up with a technology to recharge battery devices in less than 15 minutes and Engadget took a peak at this new technology at the annual CEATEC held in Japan.

This prototype works with NEC’s Medias Android smartphone, which is only available in Japan. Sleeve’s AC adapter, makes a full battery charge possible in less than 15 minutes because it pushes 6.0 amps to the battery, while the normal charger support about 0.5 amps which reduces considerably charging time (notice the huge difference).