NetGenie WiFi Router adds parental controls for tablets, smartphones and PCs


NetGenie WiFi Router  is a innovation which enhances parental control over children while they browse over the internet using devices like Android tablets, smartphones or even PC’s.

NetGenie parental controls provide default settings according to age group, blocking websites and applications deemed inappropriate, yet allowing the administrator (mom or dad) to grant permissions by adding to a whitelist of allowed sites.

The wireless router offers protection for the entire familly delivering features such as age-wise easy parental control, firewall and build-in anti-virus, secure wifi for multiple devices in and around the house,  pre-set security and it lets you share your USB modem internet connection.

We designed NetGenie to make it simple for families to protect their kids from unsafe and adult Internet content, and to control the time they spend online on social networks, shopping or gaming sites, or anything else you want to manage,” said Jacob Thankachen, Associate Vice President for Americas, Cyberoam. “We also made it a no-brainer to keep hackers, viruses and other intruders at bay when your family surfs the Internet.”