Teaser – Bladeslinger 3rd person sci-fi western developed by Luma Arcade


Announced a few days ago at Unity Conference Unite 2011, Bladeslinger is a science fiction western 3rd person game developed by Luma Arcade a game development arm of Luma Studios which began life in 2001 as Luma Animation.

Bladeslinger is a fast-paced 3rd-person action brawler designed for high-end smartphones and tablets where players must defeat a multitude of  enemies at once in both ranged and close combat.

Storyline: set in an alternate fantasy future in a fictional town called Hammer’s Peak, the narrative follows William Glaston as he is coming back home after many years of war to find his home town has undergone nightmarish changes.


The graphics in the game is absolutely amazing, hopefully the gameplay experience will also be at the same level as that.