Daily Android Game: Cross Court Tennis


Refined Games Inc offers the best 3D Tennis game simulator for Android now, and I’m not advertising for them or kidding around.

Cross Court Tennis bring the best experience when it comes to tennis games. The game can be played in two ways Auto-Run or Tap to Run. You can choose an instant game on 3 levels of difficulty or you can choose a carrier mode to become the next top tennis player (like R. Nadal, Novak Djokovic (my favorite :D), Roger Federrer etc). Play against 35 different opponents with varying skills, Pro level players can use the replay challenge system (called Hawk-eye in real tennis tournaments).


Cross Court Tennis features:

  1. -Instant Play, 3 levels of difficulty
  2. -Career Mode, become the next SuperStar!
  3. -Upgrade skills through mini training
  4. -Compete against 35 different Opponents with varying skills
  5. -Automatically saves Career matches & tournaments in progress.
  6. -Pro [or Advanced] level players can use the replay challenge system!
  7. -8 unique tournaments
  8. -3 distinct court surfaces with subtle physics [bounce] adjustments
  9. -Controls are simple and intuitive, tap to move, swipe to hit
  10. -Use Auto-Run mode to develop your shots, then try Free Running
  11. -Hit lobs, slice, topspin, Flat, drop volleys, with EASE!
  12. -Use Swipe gestures to control spins, straight for Flat / slice, circular for topspin
  13. -Focus on the match, not on controls!
  14. -Ad free (paid version only)