Sony Ericsson Xperia line-up receives CyanogenMod 7 treatment


Chief developer of CyanogenMod project, Steve Kondik has officially confirmed that CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) will be supporting all 2011 released Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones in an upcoming release.

CyanogenMod has been working with the FreeXperia team for some time and Kondik just confirmed that they are now part of CM development group.

Steve Kondik: “If you are a Sony Ericsson owner you may be interested in knowing that the upcoming CyanogenMod release will feature support for 10 new devices. This is a joint work between CyanogenMod and the FreeXperia team, which is now also part of the CM development group.”

– Xperia Arc
– Xperia Neo
– Xperia Mini
– Xperia Mini Pro
– Xperia Play
– Xperia Ray
– Xperia X10
– Xperia X8
– Xperia X10 Mini
– Xperia X10 Mini Pro


source Google+