Motorola Droid3 receives update v5.6.890 with Google Talk and bug fixes


Verizon is rolling the long-awaited OTA update for Droid3 offering video support for Google Talk and a list of bug fixes.

Go ahead and grab the update as usual from the Menu go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Download, install, and enjoy.

Update v5.6.890 Changelog:

Call Features
  • Improved audio clarity for incoming calls and navigation.
  • No longer receive urgent notifications from Visual Voice Mail.

Email and Messaging

  • EAS policies can now limit personal email.
  • After setting up “Other” email accounts, user is now taken back to “Adding Accounts” page.
  • Yahoo!® emails show correct time-date stamp.

Applications and Widgets

  • Google Video Talk now comes preloaded.
  • V CAST Media Manager now comes preloaded.
  • Geo-tagging feature works properly.
  • Successfully subscribe to News App bundles.
  • Successfully launch GoToMeeting®.
  • When selecting to return “Home” in V CAST Video on Demand, the correct video will play.
  • V CAST App Store menu now functions correctly.
  • Streaming video is now available within the NFL Mobile app.
  • Improvements in the stability and connection of the Data widget.
  • Improvements in the stability of VZ Navigator®.
  • City ID now displays country name when receiving international calls.
  • SWYPE® keyboard cursor no longer skips to auto signature.
  • Backup Assistant no longer displays “Network Unavailable” error message.


via Droid-Life