Motorola XOOM 3G is now upgradeable to 4G LTE!! Everything starts September 29th


I bet you were waiting for quite sometime to hear this news, and its finally here the upgrade to 4G LTE for Motorola XOOM 3G is now available from Verizon Wireless. Everything starts tomorrow morning and the pre-installed LTE version will hit the shelves  October 13th for the price of 499 USD.

To get your tablet upgrade you need to ship it back to Verizon and in 6 working days you’ll supposed to have it back fully upgraded, but before you do that, you are advised to BACKUP everything you think requires this process and then ship it to Verizon.

Lets get to the great part about this upgrade news, it’s still totally free!! That’s right folks Verizon will do it for free.

via Verizon