Droid4 in the wild with Slide-out keyboard 4G/LTE and removable battery?


According to a user on Howard Forums there will be a Droid4 codenamed “Maserati” (with 1 T probably he mis-spelled it) Android smartphone coming up as he said he had the prototype turned-off in his hands.

Droid4 aka Maserati will not sport a D-pad but its likely come with a 4-inch touchscreen display, a slide-out keyboard, 4G LTE technology enabled and it will have a removable battery.

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Also just held another stunning phone. Droid 4(G), aka Maserati. REALLY nice phone and form, No D-pad, this does have a removable battery. Unfortunately didn’t get to power it up. For those of you who prefer a keyboard, your gonna love this one.
via Droid-Life