Review – AndyPad and AndyPad Pro tablets


In the current scenario of the tech-world, where the mighty tablets rule, an Norwich US-based company and tablet manufacturer Andy Pad launches a tablet with eye-catching specs but with a jaw-dropping price.

Andy Pad has launched the tablet with two versions, the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro.

These two versions go hand-in-hand with looks but when it comes to configuration (specs), they differ heavily.

The Andy Pad version comes with 7-inch resistive screen bearing a 800×480 resolution, 1.2 GHz-A8 cortex processor which is clocked at 1ghz with a well-built GPU for hardcore 3D gaming which will satisfy most of the gamers lurking out there and most of the games which crave high-speed GPUs will be playable with a flick. It packs the Android 2.3 version known as Gingerbread also & runs with a 512 Mb RAM. AndyPad has the Resitouch which is favorable for those who prefer a stylus pen or a glove. The Andy Pad includes 8 GB storage which is enough to satiate any gamer or music fan. What makes this piece of beauty a thumbs-up its it lightweight and feather build, it weighing meagerly 356gm. So overall, it is very well portable and can be chosen to carry around in your pocket, a satchel or a suitcase. The Andy Pad sports up to 6 hours of real-life usage, and can be charged from either a power port, computer or even in your car. It packs in a 1080p HDMI port and a front facing camera which can be used for chatting live with friends and family alike!

The Andy Pad Pro differs greatly in terms of storage capacity and more sweet features though at relatively larger price. Andy Pad Pro has a “Sensatouch” screen which is nothing but a Capacitive touchscreen and features a 5 touch Multi-Touch support which is a boon for Droid Geeks and Devs alike and also has a good 1024×768 screen resolution. It also has a rear facing camera – the major difference from the standard Andy Pad. It also sports a 16 GB internal memory and an extra Bluetooth option over the standard version which comes as a huge disappointment in the standard version. Again a huge thumbs-up for Andy Pad Pro is that, it weighs 374gm, slightly heavier than the standard Andy Pad though coming built with more internal memory and a rear facing camera. Impressive!