Review – AndyPad and AndyPad Pro tablets


In the current scenario of the tech-world, where the mighty tablets rule, an Norwich US-based company and tablet manufacturer Andy Pad launches a tablet with eye-catching specs but with a jaw-dropping price.

Andy Pad has launched the tablet with two versions, the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro.

These two versions go hand-in-hand with looks but when it comes to configuration (specs), they differ heavily.

The Andy Pad version comes with 7-inch resistive screen bearing a 800×480 resolution, 1.2 GHz-A8 cortex processor which is clocked at 1ghz with a well-built GPU for hardcore 3D gaming which will satisfy most of the gamers lurking out there and most of the games which crave high-speed GPUs will be playable with a flick. It packs the Android 2.3 version known as Gingerbread also & runs with a 512 Mb RAM. AndyPad has the Resitouch which is favorable for those who prefer a stylus pen or a glove. The Andy Pad includes 8 GB storage which is enough to satiate any gamer or music fan. What makes this piece of beauty a thumbs-up its it lightweight and feather build, it weighing meagerly 356gm. So overall, it is very well portable and can be chosen to carry around in your pocket, a satchel or a suitcase. The Andy Pad sports up to 6 hours of real-life usage, and can be charged from either a power port, computer or even in your car. It packs in a 1080p HDMI port and a front facing camera which can be used for chatting live with friends and family alike!