Samsung Infuse 4G receives firmware update to Android 2.3.5 via KIES


According to SamFirmware, Samsung Electronics now offers a new firmware update to Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread for all Samsung Infuse 4G devices. The announcement was made via their Twitter account a couple of hours ago.

The update is rolling out right now, you can try to plug-in your Infuse 4G into your USB cable and connect it to PC/laptop and check from KIES software for updates. If you get prompted to update than the firmware is available please get back to us with more information once you successfully finish the update.

Update: After several complains of KIES incompatibility with the phone we decided to update this article and give you an alternative until SamFirmware clears this up to why they tweeted that news. So here are the 2.3.5 stock ROM for AT&T (you need to know how to flash ROMs to update to this version).

 SamFirmware replied to us and informed me that the ROM’s are directly from KIES servers, still doesn’t solve AT&T users problems (my advice is do it manually flash the rom below with Odin if you know how if not contact a local store and ask for the update for your Infuse 4G device).

Download the rom here: I997UCKI4

Model = I997

Provider = AT&T

K = 2011

I = September

4 = Version

Update: AT&T announced a new firmware upgrade which brings Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS to the Samsung Infuse 4G.

source Twitter & SamFirmware Blog


  1. I have called they said samsung controls when the update is released and for what phones its released for they only deal with calls data and text they have no control over the software. Its the same song and dance all the time!

  2. @Florian Mihu – What Lee says is right, I too facing the same issue, even my Infuse does not connect in Kies, it says “this device is not supported” I spoke to samsung customer service and they confirmed Infuse is not supported in Kies! Contradictory but true!

    • alright guys, I’m sorry i dont know what to make out of this one .. but our information is always legit .. SamFirmware is a good source of firmware updates for all Samsung devices.

      Ive contacted SamFirmware to see whats going on and why they tweeted this news, waiting for an answer which i hope it will clear all up.

  3. Just invested an hour on the phone with both AT&T and Samsung. Basically, Kies does not support the Infuse (which is frankly garbage).

    The real conundrum is this – Samsung says the only way the Gingerbread update will make it to the phone is through a USB connection. The limitations of a GSM phone are a real treat sometimes.

  4. so after all m with infuse too m just back let me test with kies and odin and i will let you guys know what is real. i will update here within next 30 minutes

  5. from samsung itself, “I should inform you that the Gingerbread update is not yet available for your phone model.” also, “As there is no update released yet there is no Kies mini software available for the Infuse due to which you are getting error messages that it doesn’t support it.” This should clear some stuff up, also for ppl that have installed whats posted, they all said its 2.3.3 and got that rainbow shit going

  6. Is there a version for only the infuse? I did all the steps necessary to leave froyo and hop on the gingerbread train and now when i power down my infuse i get the galaxy s screen. Also, I cannot get on the internet without an error message. Any help available to cure my infuse’s ill?

    • My suggestion is to wait for the official Gingerbread update .. it was announced to arrive by the end of September unfortunately its been delayed for some reason.. we will announce more when we hear from officials of AT&T and/or Samsung

    • another tip is to try any AT&T local store they might give you more information or just call AT&T customer service other info

    • first off is your phone rooted? Assuming you already tried to update it through Kies Mini and it didnt work… get the ROM unzip it until you get a .tar file or 4 distinctive files which should be place in the right tab PDA to PDA etc.

      Warning: I advice further reading before going into flashing a ROM if your are a newbie in this area .. because you might end up in bricking your device. or better call customer service and complain about an upgrade through KIES.

  7. @Scott Popowich – i already rooted it. removed drm like a dumb@55 and now i cannot change ringtones and message tones to those that i’ve downloaded. cannot seem to find anywhere to get the original apk’s for putting back in the /system/app directory, so i figured, what the heck, i’ll flash the new OS. so this one needs to go in the ‘PDA’ field and leave everything else unchecked? I read this guide —

    • looks like you need a new ROM..still wondering why you deleted /system/app applications and if you do always do a full back-up first using a tool such as Titanium Backup or something.

      Good luck flashing a new clean stock rom or even custom rom, my suggestion is to flash the same rom you already have running on your Infuse 4G and maybe later a gingerbread rom

  8. I fixed the issue by flashing Infused 2.2.3. Very happy with it. Essentially, it went like this, for those who may be looking for a condensed list of steps:
    – rooted
    – installed modded 3e recovery file
    – downloaded Infused 2.2.3 (Android Gingerbread (GB) 2.3.3)
    – used instructions from —
    – installed modded kernel for Clockwork Mod (CWM)
    – made backup of current ROM
    – installed infused 2.2.3

    works like a champ now. :)

  9. @Florian Mihu – I made a backup using Titanium Backup, but I had already uninstalled the drm package. When it seemed, due to insufficient testing, that everything was fine with that, I hit the ‘delete’ button in Titanium Backup, thinking that it would delete the package from the system. I later learned that the ‘delete’ button actually deletes the backup and that I could not properly restore. I had then tried to get the .apk and .odex files and manually put them in the /system/app folder, set the permissions, set the partition back to read-only, verified the files were still there, etc… I could not install them, nor would they work after a reboot. So then I turned to flashing a different ROM. Did about a full day of reading up on that, and went for it.

    Thanks so much for your concern and advice. Your site is a a great resource.

  10. Oh, and when I mentioned that I could set ringtones, I could only set non-stock ringtones via a third party program, such as RingDroid. I was able to set stock tones via the built in droid apps.

    I hope all this information can help someone who may be in the same boat.

  11. has anyone sucesfully upgraded their samsung infuse to gingerbread 2.3.5? i saw a youtube video on it… so i know it can be done. i’m just wondering if anyone has done it here?

  12. don’t know recieved the gingerbread 2.3.6 last night on both my infuse phones so far everything working great


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