OnLive Gaming is now live in United Kingdom!!


As promised the online gaming streamer, onLive gaming is now live in United Kingdom, September 22nd! It supposed to roll out for the rest of the Europe in the coming months too.

Living in UK than you can unleash the gamer within yourself through onLive now!

Today is a big day for OnLive. Just this morning, we made our instant-play, on-demand gaming service available to gamers across the UK, heralding our first expansion outside the American continent. And today marks an even bigger day for UK gamers, who have awoken to amazing new gameplay possibilities—and some pretty impressive deals.

For the first time ever, UK gamers can take advantage of OnLive’s powerful cloud gaming technology to play the latest top-tier games on demand, with gameplay delivered instantly over the Internet wherever and whenever they want. For the cost of a single-platform game purchase, UK gamers can play on their HDTV, PC, Mac or any combination of the above, regardless of performance capabilities, and soon they will even be able to play on iPad® and Android® tablets. No console, no high-end computer, no discs and no huge downloads. Gaming with OnLive is as simple as streaming video: just click and play.

We’re excited to be launching with a robust library of about 150 premium games to choose from, with titles for every kind of gamer from more than 50 different publishers. Gamers can instantly play new and recent releases such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT 3, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Homefront andF.E.A.R. 3, or explore classic and indie titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Braid and LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. They can buy the games they want individually, with prices starting at £1.99, or subscribe to our PlayPack Bundle, which now offers access to more than 100 games for just £6.99/month.

To prove how excited we are, we’re also offering our new UK members all kinds of launch promotions to welcome them onto the service. First-time game purchasers get their first OnLive PlayPass Game for just £1in addition to the following promotions:

  • Eurogamer Expo attendees get a FREE OnLive Game System (while supplies last)
  • BT customers get 100+ PlayPack Games for FREE for 3 months
  • PC Gamer Magazine readers get 1 month of 100+ PlayPack Games for FREE

(promotions subject to terms, conditions and limitations)

We’re also incredibly excited to announce fantastic strategic partnerships in the UK:

BT is the first internet service provider in the UK to offer cloud-based gaming to customers through its exclusive partnership with OnLive.  BT is the UK’s leading high-speed, low latency broadband provider with relationships with 11 million households. To mark the launch, BT is giving its 5 million broadband customers three months free access to 100+ games when customers sign up at:   OnLive traffic will not count towards BT broadband customers usage allowances until the New Year, regardless of their broadband option. BT looks forward to announcing more exciting initiatives with OnLive in the near future.

GAME Group plc is OnLive’s first strategic retail partner. As UK’s leading videogame retailer, GAME will introduce the OnLive® Game Service to millions of customers in the UK and eventually across Europe and elsewhere, starting with their ecommerce sites and later this year. The OnLive Game System, OnLive Universal Wireless Controller and OnLive Game Service digital offerings will soon be available through the Group’s 615 UK stores and integrated with the Group’s GAME Reward Card and gamestation Elite card, allowing customers to use GAME rewards to make purchases on the OnLive Game Service., one of the top game review sites in the UK, will be incorporating links to free instant-launch demos of OnLive games from its game review pages, empowering players to test-drive games from anywhere with a few simple clicks.

And, as always, anyone can access OnLive’s instant demos and social features at no charge at all by creating a free OnLive account at and checking out OnLive’s rapidly expanding library of games.

We’re incredibly excited to see the OnLive community expand across the globe, bringing OnLive’s unprecedented live instant gaming experience to Europe. UK and US members can now play live in our massive spectating Arena and chat with players and spectators across the Atlantic. They can capture Brag Clip™ videos of their best and funniest gameplay moments to share internationally both within the OnLive community and with Facebook friends—along with achievements, status notifications and more. And with new parental controls, younger gamers also can be a part of the unique OnLive cloud gaming experience.

UK gamers, we welcome you to OnLive. North American OnLive gamers, please extend a warm hello to your new friends across the pond, connect them into your chat groups and show them why OnLive is unlike any gaming experience in the world.

For gamers throughout the rest of the world, hang tight: Now that we’ve made our first major international expansion to the UK, we’ll be moving quickly to expand worldwide, we’ll be seeing you soon. OnLive is the future of gaming, everywhere.

—Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO

source OnLive Blog