How to relief some stress with less than $25? Get a Tankbot!


Tankbot is one of those toys which helps to relief some stress controlled with your smartphone via WiFi and recharges the battery via USB. The robot costs only $25 and it can easily be controlled with your Android device driving it on the floor or on your desk even :), avoiding crashes with your computer keyboard or arm chairs.

The gadget re-charges its batteries in less than 15 minutes. TankBot features 3 interactive modes including maze navigation, free-roam, and remote control. The toy is also equipped with an infrared sensor which allows it to navigate doing twists, turns and around obstacles with “military precision.”

Tankbot’s Android software code is open source if you want to try to create your own unique application for this gadget.

Highlights of the TankBot include:

  • Infrared sensors to navigate mazes and avoid obstacles
  • Free app allows for smartphone control
  • Free-roaming mode with interactive tank sounds
  • Multi-player race and battle
  • Retractable USB charger

via Engadget