Rumors: Droid Prime and Galaxy Nexus two different phones first coming November 3rd the second runs Android 2.4.1 IceCreamSandwhich


I havent write a single line all day long regarding Droid Prime/Galaxy Nexus rumors because they keep flowing at a high rate.

I wanted to wait until thing cool down unfortunately they keep coming, some say Droid Prime is not the same with the Galaxy Nexus and that it will be the next Droid Charge (2) launching on November 3rd on Verizon, while Galaxy Nexus is going to be the first Android device running the new version 2.4.1 Ice Cream Sandwhich (that’s right 2.4.1 and not 4.0 as we all thought).

Samsung Galaxy Nexus will launch on all US carriers with exclusive rights to Verizon Wireless, and there are more rumors saying that the phone will pack a built-in physical keyboard alongside a HD touchscreen and new Android widgets, according to Electronista.


via Electronista & AndroidCommunity