Video: CyanogenMod 7 now with WiFi, accelerometer and sound support for HP TouchPad



We are one step closer to a fully functional Cyanogen Android 2.3.x  firmware for Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad webOS-based tablet.

Cyanogen developers managed to bring WiFi for the Android market app, accelerometer and audio support which is still in progress but it works, for the HP TouchPad slate. If youre thinking of an alpha or beta release yet you have to know that the firmware is not ready yet, there’s still plenty to do, but at least we get more good news from the developing team assigned to port CyanogeMod 7 to TouchPad.

Developers released a demo with their progress just to let people know they are still on to this port of Android to a webOS device. Further more if they get the bounty prize for porting Android to TouchPad they will give  it away as charity (TBD).


via Engadget


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