Verizon’s Device Management system leaks out to confirm HTC Rhyme & Samsung Stratosphere


Leaked Verizon’s Device Management system offers a few more important details about two upcoming devices.

One from HTC, which is Rhyme 3G and it is rumored to address to female customers, furthermore it will come integrated with Beats technology from Dr Dre. On the other hand Samsung Stratosphere, although considered as a 4G mid-range device is close to Epic 4G Touch when it comes to hardware specs the difference is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, LTE radios confirmed, but no global roaming (for US only).

Speaking of mid-range Android smartphones, we got word about Pantech Breakout pricing. The phone can be yours on a two-year contract for $149 or for a full retail price of $359 without.


via Droid-Life