Sony’s Tablet S now on sale in UK, follows US and tomorrow launches in Japan


Sony revealed its Tablet S first Honeycomb 3.2 in a five episode story called “Two will” over a couple of months. The Japanese manufacturer doesnt rush when it comes to quality despite the fact that its fierce competitor already have launched 2-3 Android tablets already (i.e. Toshiba, Samsung),

Tablet S is officially available on sale in United Kingdom for the price of £399 with 16GB of internal storage and £499 for the 32GB version. Later today the slate will become available for US consumers ($499 for 16GB and $599 for 32GB) and tomorrow will launch in Japan (45,000 Yen S1 16GB model and 53,000 Yen for S2 32GB model).

Sony Tablet S differentiate from all the other tablets out there through its unique wedge-shaped design, featuring a 9.3-inch display, a 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1GB of RAM, two cameras and it weighs 600 grams.