LG Optimus S gets Gingerbread update treatment on Sprint


Sprint announces via forums a new update for LG Optimus S, the Optimus One variant for US wireless carrier.

LG Optimus S receives new firmware update version LS670ZVH which brings Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a pretty important list of enhancements and bug fixes. This firmware improves three-way calling, new color scheme darkens the notification bar and some menus, also improves copy/paste functionality. A brand new Camera app, Power management and Task killer for applications. Sprint rolls this update in stages, everyone should get the update within 10 days.


– Volume adjustment from handset when backlight is off and in a Bluetooth call
– Initiation of a 3-way call in certain markets
– Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
– Updated color scheme (includesdarker notification bar and black-based menus)
– New on-screen keyboard (supports multi-touch input and a  smart auto-correction function)
– Improved cut-paste functionality
– New integrated download application for ease in accessing downloaded files
– Updated camera application
– Power management and task killer applications

Important Notes:

– The new software version is: LS670ZVH
– Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 10 days
– Refer to the LG Optimus S Software Update blog for install instructions

source Sprint