Daily Android Game: Smart Kids Games from AppQuiz


Smart Kids Games will keep your kids preoccupied with a list of 15 game from AppQuiz offering a fun learning program for children of all ages.

Keep your children entertained with fun sound effects such as animal sounds, musical instruments and vehicles. Adapted to be handled very easily, the game is specially designed as an educational tool for interface of preschoolers and later.

Smart Kids Games comes in two versions: a LITE one available to download for free and a PAID version.

  1. – Learning of letters and numbers sound animated with translation English / Spanish.
  2. – Learn to recognize more than 100 animals including their sounds, classifieds for pets, farm animals and marine wildlife.
  3. – Distinguishes shapes and colors and match the pieces.
  4. – Distinguishes between colors and show your ability to move animated balls around the screen.
  5. – Practice your memory with “Simon evolution” and “Match the cards”
  6. – Play with fireworks and try to catch the ball.
  7. – Learn the sound of musical instruments and play their music.
  8. – Play puzzles with pictures of your environment.
  9. – Skilled puzzle with pictures of the most important places in the world.
  10. – Flash cards with letters of the alphabet illustrated with drawings in various languages.
  11. – Listen and learn the funny sound of the more familiar vehicles.
  12. Children can have fun playing a long time.
  13. Besides the game to acquire the following skills by playing:
  14. – Improve children’s skills in memory, concentration and development of knowledge of their environment.
  15. – Help with recognition of the letters of the alphabet and learning english and Spanish languages.