Vizio brings ooVoo support to its 8-inch slate


America’s number #1 LCD HDTV Company, Vizio announced today that the VIZIO 8-inch tablet with WiFi now supports ooVoo, the premier video communication service that enables up to six callers to chat together for a unique social video chat experience on mobile devices.

Support for this innovative social app on the Vizio tablet now allows users to connect with friends, family and other social circles through free video or voice calls on the larger, more convenient 8″ screen of their slate.

With ooVoo, VIZIO Tablet owners can now enjoy party video chats anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.  ooVoo is available across multiple hardware platforms, from mobile devices to PCs, as a free download from Android Market™. In addition to free video and voice calls, ooVoo also supports calls through a web browser and can be upgraded to enable calls to landlines as well.

“Just as consumers are shifting away from linear TV programming towards more video on demand, video calls are also evolving from by-appointment usages to a live, spontaneous social experience,” said Matt McRae, VIZIO Chief Technology Officer. “Using an app like ooVoo on a larger screen like our Tablet further enhances communication and connectivity. Additionally with the growth of Wi-Fi hotspots, VIZIO Tablet users can now conveniently communicate with family and friends even when they’re away from home.”

source PRNewswire