Motorola Droid R2D2 is on the list for a Gingerbread update


Motorola kept updating Droid line-up for the last couple of weeks and thus far R2D2 was pretty much left aside. Well not anymore folks we’ve learned from Motorola Support that a Gingerbread update for your device is coming soon.

One of Motorola customers who owns such a device sent an email to ask about Android 2.3 Gingerbread update if it’s coming to R2D2 and if it does, when. Motorola had a brief answer but at least they confirmed that the update is on its way, when they dont really know that yet either.

“A seperate software update for Droid R2D2 is forthcoming. However, as of now we don’t have the information yet as to when will be the exact date. Kindly check Motorola website for updates.” said one of the employes of Motorola in response to David’s email asking about an update for R2D2.

We will announce more as soon as we learn new things about this forthcoming Gingerbread update, until then stay tuned for more!


source VerizonMotorola Support Forum