German court upholds ban over Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch


Apple Inc engaged in a global lawsuits campaign over smartphone and tablet patents, since April 2011, on almost all continents.

Reuters reported on Friday that Apple’s injunction won in Düsseldorf court a few weeks ago upholds the ban barring Samsung to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 on German soil. In response to the uphold Samsung said to Reuters it was disappointing to hear judge’s ruling and that it restricts progress in the mobile industry, also added it will explore all legal options and continuing to aggressively pursue Apple for what Samsung said,  is a violation of its wireless technology patents around the world.”

It looks more like a symbolic win over Korean manufacturer because according to the same source retailers are able to sell their stocks of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and further more they can supply for more as long as it’s not directly ordered and delivered from Samsung Electronics.
source Reuters