AndyPad orders for US customers soon available via eBay


AndyPad tablets still unavailable for US customers via official website due to shipment problems, but as the company announced on their official Twitter account and on their forum board a few days ago,  this is just a matter of time.

Customers living in USA, should expect to be able to place online orders for an AndyPad slate through AndyPad UK’s eBay account it in a couple of weeks.

 “Andy Pad is unavailable to purchase on the Andy Pad website, due to shipping issues. US customers will still be able to purchase the Andy Pad via our soon-to-be-set-up eBay account,” said one of the admins on their official forum.

Everyone else (Europeans) can order these beautiful white Android tablets directly from www.AndyPad.Co.Uk or just click on one of the banners we’ve placed on our website in the header or on the sidebar.

source Twitter & AndyPad Forum