Android 5.0 could be named Jelly Bean ?!?


All this madness surrounding Nexus Prime first device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich ready to make its way and debut probably next month (October), we got word from This is my next about a possible nickname of future Android 5.0 operating system.

If we follow logic C (Cupcake), D (Donut), E (Eclair), F (Froyo), G (Gingerbread), I (Ice Cream Sandwhich), next in line is letter J and we found out that Android 5.0 will use codename “Jelly Bean,” according to rumors and as all previous versions, this one also has roots in sweets/desert.

Eric Schmidt revealed earlier this week with approximation that ICS 4.0 will debut somewhere in October/November, maybe we will hear more from Google’s charismatic chairman about upcoming Jelly Bean nicknamed Android 5.0 operating system.