Daily Android App: Nemus Launcher


I bumped into a new free home screen replacement yesterday called Nemus Launcher, developed by the same guys who brought Regina 3D Launcher.

I’ve already put it to the test and so far its pretty smooth and very fast. I’m amazed how Appdrawer works, very cool fading effect when scrolling through apps, random apps fade colors into black & white.

Folder customization right on the screen is nice to even though there aren’t many options, except scale (pretty basic), edit, move and delete.  I don’t like the way developer handled Nemus Launcher’s dock, that’s a minus. You can’t change any shortcut icon once added to your dock with your own custom ones and all those colored icons in contrast with a fully grey-colored dock it just doesn’t fit that well. It would have been nice to have more options to replace or customize app icons with your own.

It is a lot faster than Launcher Pro and I think it saves battery, but for that i gotta test it a few more days its been installed for only 16 hours now.


A Home replacement Application with
– Low memory usage
– Quick response
– Easy App finding/management
– Easy Workspace management
– Easy Folder management

– Landscape support : Hardware Qwerty , GalaxyTab 7


  • – 1 to 9 workspaces
  • – 2 App menu(drawer) styles : 1. Alphabetical 2. Paged view
  • – Expandable folders
  • – Workspace and app menu switchers (screen preview)
  • – Highlight recently used apps
  • – Scrollable bottom docks (dev should add support to change icons with custom ones)

Developer is working on new features for Nemus such as: supporting scrollable widgets, app-lock, backup/restore/share settings, more application menu styles, improve folder style, sort (alphabetically and date) inside folder, app menu, themes.