About Nexus Prime’s mis-guided 480x800p resolution display information!!


I’m a little disappointed because everyone got a little piece of some information about the future Nexus Prime (GT-I9250) device from Samsung and they keep feeding it to the Android world.

Almost all Android related blogs took the news that Nexus Prime will sport a disappointing 480x800p resolution WVGA display, which is a lot of crap if you ask me and here is my point on this mis-guided information:

This is the actual text inside a XML file stored on Samsung’s website, in which refers to a 480x800p resolution but as you can notice from the paragraph it is describing Samsung NP keyboard layout and aspect ratio and a little more below there is some information about keyboards text and voice input capabilities.

Further more if you scroll to the next paragraph you will notice it’s describing the MMS service and the screen size of the window in which the service is displayed on the Nexus Prime.

I hope this article clears all doubt that Samsung GT-I9250 might come with a 480x800p resolution display. It’s not going to happened,caput, finish done, sealed, capisce? get it? :D

The real resolution display for I9250 could be 1280×1760 im not 100% certain but its far more close to the truth than that information running around on the net now.