Nexus passes Bluetooth certification while Droid Prime passed WiFi certification today


Today is Tuesday and most talked about device throughout the day was Nexus/Droid Prime probably first running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich smartphone.

Samsung GT-I9250 model number assigned to Nexus Prime by specialists, but not really confirmed by Samsung Electronics. just passed through Bluetooth SIG certification.

Samsung SGH-I515 model number assigned to Droid Prime passed WiFi certification earlier today, there is a lot of confusion about this two devices with similar specs. Droid or Nexus which one is the real Prime the 3rd Google Nexus phone.¬†We already had Nexus as brand for Google phones and Droid name used by Samsung for the Charge, I’m thinking that Droid is nowhere close to be the next Prime, more likely to become the 2nd Droid Charge with better hardware, as for the next Prime I’m voting for GT-9250 as the next 3rd generation Nexus phone.