Dolphin HD update v6.2 beta launches today with Webzine improvements, fixes and Bookmark sync


A new update launches today for Dolphin Browser HD for Android. The update version 6.2 beta brings a  new Add-on: Bookmark Sync (Beta) plus a few improvements and bug fixes to Webzine and it also enhances browser performance making it faster.

Bookmark Sync is a new Add-on for Dolphin HD, which aims to help users back up and recover bookmarks via Dolphin account. It is especially helpful to users who need transfer bookmarks between different devices or who concern about losing bookmarks in Dolphin. However, now it is still at beta stage, and only compatible with Dolphin HD v6.2.

Dolphin HD v6.2 also includes some other new features and improved performance.

  1. Support Webzine in landscape view.
  2. Share webzine content to your Facebook or Twitter account directly.
  3. Add text size option in Webzine view. We add this option under Webzine Settings. Enter Settings, below you will find Webzine Settings tab where you will be able change text size viewing in Webzine mode.
  4. Remove “Confirm when exiting” from Settings. If you don’t want the exit confirm dialog to pop up again, please exit Dolphin by clicking Menu-> Exit
  5. Adjust the accuracy of Gestures
  6. Fix multiple crash bugs in browser and Webzine according to the crash log you sent to us.

To receive the update scan the QR code below or check your browser for update from time to time throughout the day.