Asian countries ready to adopt their own Android-based operating system


Recently Google bought mobile manufacturer Motorola Mobility, which in the eyes of Asian mobile manufacturer raises concern, that Google might become an independent manufacturer and developer of both hardware and software like Apple.

Asian countries like South Korea and China are re-thinking their own strategy and could have their own mobile operating system starting with 2012, dropping Android OS in the near future. A couple of weeks ago South Korean government has announced its intentions to develop one of its own OS to compete with the likes of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. South Korea is home to Samsung and LG, both of which are expected to aid in the new platform’s development.

In a press conference held a few weeks ago, Kim Jae-hong, deputy minister at the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, said “We plan to develop Korea’s own web-based operating systems by forming a consortium of local companies. We will forge ahead in developing a new kind of operating system, which is being seen as a next-generation product, in order to build the kind of advantage we do not enjoy in the market for smartphones and tablet PCs, which is dominated by Google and Apple.”

Now fast forward to today China is announcing its intention to make the same approach as their fellow neighbours, the South Koreans, through Baidu (a Chinese version of Google) who recently introduces its own Android-like OS. Baidu is now looking to expand its mobile reach to the hardware front, according to Reuters, the Chinese search giant has joined forces with the PC manufacturer, Dell to produce a line of tablets and smartphones within China, in the hopes of capitalizing on a market of more than 900 million mobile users (consumers).