HTCDev expands unlocking for Sensation to Korea


All Korean folks owning a HTC Sensation must know that they are now able to free their handsets bootloader with HTC’s online unlocking tool. extended its unlocking support for Sensation to Korea for ROM/FOTA version 1.45.911.2, if your device is compatible with it go ahead and start the unlock process.

Supported Devices

The following 2011 models (Launched prior to September, 2011) will be supported on this website. Devices in greenĀ are currently unlockable, check back often for updates on the unlock status of additional devices:

EVO 3D (Sprint) 2.08.651.2
EVO 3D (Rogers) 1.20.631.2
EVO 3D (EMEA) 1.20.401.2
Sensation 4G (T-Mobile US) 1.45.531.1
Sensation (EU) 1.45.401.2
Sensation (TUR) 1.45.468.1
Sensation (Arabic) 1.45.415.4
Sensation (Bouygues FRA) 1.45.483.1
Sensation (SKT Korea) 1.45.911.2

Thanks for the tip everyone who send this in!!