Android Pro Widgets


Android Pro Widgets is a replacement for the widgets inside LauncherPro, giving you the option to install these widgets and work without LauncherPro.

Adndroid Pro Widgets is a set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets, package that includes many themes and features.

Available widgets:

  • Agenda & Calendar
  • People
  • Bookmarks
  • Messaging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Timeline [Licensed version only]
  • Quick Event (not a widget but a tool
  • Quick Calendar event insertion tool with native language processing and speech recognition capabilities.

You need to buy the license key to unlock all features (and support the development):

  • Change theme to one of the available internal and external APW themes (External themes requires at least Froyo)
  • Change transparency level
  • Select which application to launch on header clicks of each widget
  • [People] Custom contacts groups and contacts ordering
  • [Calendar] Timelines display style
  • [Agenda] Select how many days to load, Split multi-day events
  • [Bookmarks] Selectable sort order
  • [Timeline] Unlock the timeline widget
  • Link:



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