List of countries where Android 2.3.4 update for Galaxy S II is available via KIES


Samsung Galaxy S II update to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread via KIES, started rolling almost a month ago in a few select countries. The update is still unavailable today for many countries.

That is why I decide to make a little list with the countries where the update is available to download through KIES.

Samsung Galaxy S II list of countries where Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is rolling already

Germany =>  Available
Poland => Update available
Brazil => Update available
France +> Update available
Sweden => Update available
Russia => Update available
China => Update available
Chile => Update available
Spain (Orange)  => Update available
Venezuela => Update available
Singapore => Update available
Romania (Orange) => Update available
Peru => Update available
Korea =>  Update available
Hong Kong => Update available

Samsung Galaxy S II list of countries where Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread reported unavailable yet.

Turkey (Turkcell) => Pending  (Updated to latest 2.3.3)
UK (Vodafone) =>  Pending
UK (T-Mobile) =>  Pending (Updated to latest 2.3.3)
UK (O2) =>  Pending/Unavailable
UK (Three carrier) => Pending/Unavailable
Italy =>  Pending
Brazil (ZTO) = Pending/Unavailable
Malaysia =>  Pending (Updated to latest 2.3.3)
Netherlands =>  Pending (Updated to latest 2.3.3)
New Zealand =>  Pending
Philippines =>  Pending
Australia =>  Pending
Ireland =>  Pending
Japan =>  Pending
Indonesia =>  Pending
Bangladesh => Pending
Belgium =>  Pending
Norway =>  Pending
Taiwan =>  Pending
Finland =>  Pending
Argentina =>  Pending
India =>  Pending
USA =>  Pending
Canada =>  Pending
Sweden =>  Pending
Israel =>  Pending
South-Africa =>  Pending
Lithuania =>  Pending
South America =>  Pending
Libya (Three carriers) => Pending

*Rest of Europe =>  Pending
**Egypt =>  Pending (2.3.3 Arabic Version Available)
**UAE =>  Pending  (2.3.3 Arabic Version Available)
**Middle-East =>  Pending (2.3.3 Arabic Version Available)


Pending =>  the update is not available for this region
Update available =>  Android 2.3.4 update is available through KIES to download

*Any country in Europe that is not on the list above.
**These countries get the same build version of Android with Arabic language enabled

If your country didn’t make it on the list yet or you need/want to report a succesful installation in your country via KIES please comment down below with the following [Country (mention carrier too) => Pending/Update available] and we will update the list. Thanks

source: YouMobile