Google Nexus S update Android 2.3.6 reported rolling!


Samsung Nexus S finally gets the promised fix from Google about the voice search bug (I9020AUCKD1 Android 2.3.4) which frustrated a lot of people.

A Google employee announced the update to Android 2.3.6 Baseband I9020AUCKF1 Build Number GRK39C an hour ago on Google Mobile Help Forum.



Google Employee
9:20 AM
An over-the-air update is now starting to roll out that includes a fix for this issue. As with previous updates, it will take a few days to send to everyone.


You can check if you have the update available at your place OTA (over-the-air) by typing in your Dialer the following codes:




after that the update should start rolling right-away, please confirm through a comment if you get a succesful installation. Enjoy!

source Google Mobile Forum XDA Forums