Verizon Wireless rolling 2.3 update v4.06.605.3-en-US for Droid Incredible


I like when someone promises something and then it actually delivers, one such exception is Verizon Wireless. I don’t know if you remember we were giving away some exclusive news a couple of weeks ago about Droid Incredible receiving a Gingerbread update.

Also yesterday, less than 48 hours ago Verizon started rolling the Android 2.3 update for a limited group, for testing purpose , meanwhile the US Wireless carrier issued a new update v4.06.605.3-en-US that rolls in waves until it reaches everyone who has a Droid Incredible.

Check for new OTA (over the air) updates as always from the menu: Settings  > About Phone >  System Update. Please do get back here with more after a succesful install. Enjoy!