Motorola Droid 2 receives Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread firmware v4.5.601-en-US


Motorola has begun to send out the official Gingerbread 2.3.3 update to a small group of Droid 2 owners for testing purpose. The soak test is rolling right now and you could be a participant without even knowing it.

If you receive the notification for the OTA (over-the air), your device will be updated to firmware 4.5.601-en-US.After the update will be reported to go well in the testing group, Motorola will begin rolling Gingerbread the rest of Droid 2 owners.

To check for the update simply go into Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates.


  1. WARNING! This is a ‘Stealth’ update. An ominous ‘Downloading’ appeared for more than 6 hours, draining the battery, couldn’t be stopped, couldn’t be identified, and no notice was given.

    I was concerned about some malicious code attempting to enter my phone.

    I am happy to get Gingerbread after searching the download when it FINALLY completed (Thanks to this site for the info!), just wish it would have told me ahead of time. I don’t like someone or something else taking over my phone without my knowledge and permission.

    Nice idea, poor implementation, causes unnecessary alarm.

    • you’re welcome, stay updated with all the latest Android news right on your email subscribing to our newsletter. Im glad you found our website useful

  2. Thanks Scott for the info. You saved me from lots of stress. I was receiving this update for about 8 hours and kept postponing thinking this was some malicious app. Your info helped me to understand what’s going on. I’m installing it…. The installation is successful and my initial feel is, it’s awesome.

  3. I too was a little worried to see my phone in download mode for over 18 hours, not being able to see what it was I started uninstalling my “fun” apps in hopes to stop it. It would have been nice to know that it was from Motorola. @JC

  4. Ok, successfully updated..haven’t checked it all out yet, but thanks so much for this site and your feedback, so I could feel comfortable with the download

  5. ATTENTION MOTOROLA: read and heed comments on this site.

    Thanks for the info above but I haven’t yet decided to install our not. Not announcing what was going on was idiotic – you should know that one reason I don’t have a Kindle is that they can change and delete contents without my permission.

    Wise up Motorola (and kindle and amazon, etc); hold a contest instead of worrying users.

  6. Phone says that update has been downloaded and prompts to install every so often but each time the install fails without giving an error. Are there logs I can read to find out why it is failing?


    • it seems that if you have a load of apps installed on your device, its a possibility to be caused by the amount of this and it is also known that not all apps are compatible with Gingerbread, my advice try uninstalling a few apps that u dont really need right now and try again and if that doesnt help (sounds a little odd but its known this issues among droid x owners) i think a factory reset could do it before updating to 2.3.3.

  7. Droid2- After the Android 2.3.3/ Firmware 4.5.1_57 DR2-31 update, I don’t have a means to access all my applications. Any one has any clue?

  8. I have a Droid R2D2 & was happy to see the download message. (I’m a geeky IT analyst, so new = fun.) There are definitely some malicious apps out there, but there are some helpful ones too: free app AirPush Detector tells you which apps contain hidden red-star notifications.

    I love the resolution and sleek look of the Gingerbread toolbar, the gradient look of the wallpaper and additional settings and preferences. The negatives are these: After logging back in to my Gmail and Amazon Apps, I noticed that some Amazon apps are working, others are not. Some are no longer installed, and some need updating but fail upon attempt. I’m getting “Download failed,” “There was an error while downloading (app),” “Content not owned” and “The user is not entitled to this content.” (My phone is not rooted and these are apps that were either free, purchased or Amazon’s free app of the day.) The third-party app check-mark is still enabled. I’m not missing anything earth-shattering, but I hope this gets fixed soon. Glad I found this forum; thanks for the information!

  9. this happend after you moved to 2.3 update succesfully right? you need to know that some apps you had on Froyo are not compatible anymore with new update 2.3 gingerbread thats why you get those problems. Check the market for new version of those apps or replace them with something similar

  10. I got the firmware update. Problem #1: my battery life has gone to hell. I’m lucky to get half a day (down from about 30 hrs). Problem #2: The screen isn’t as responsive as it used to be. Sometimes I need to touch an app two or three times to get the phone to open it. Some positives though. I like the app bar at the bottom (a la iOS) as well as the fast switch from the home screen. The overall appearance changes look good too. I’m sure the future patches will fix the problems; I’m just surprised that my phone is a part of the beta test.

  11. No, I haven’t had any apps added since the update. I use Battery Manager, as well as the phone’s onboard power manager. I’ve noticed significant heat issues, and I think that may have something to do with it (i.e., burning a hole in my pocket, almost literally.)

  12. Here’s another whopper of a problem that I just uncovered last night. I tried to call my wife using the quick contacts widget and nothing happened. So I go to the contact list and try again. Again, nothing. So I go to the recent call list and try calling her from there. It works this time, but only after making me wait a few seconds. Here’s the kicker: in the middle of the call, my phone beeps as though I have another call comming in. Turns out that my phone is calling my wife. Again. While I’m talking to her. But wait, since I tried calling three times, my phone starts beeping again. That’s right, my phone tried to put through all three calls, at the same time.


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