Daily Android Game: Bloody Bunnies Multiplayer


This game reminds me of Jack Jazz Rabbit, a game i was playing over 10 years ago on my Windows 98 PC, oohhh what times.

Bloody Bunnies is a 3D multi-player experience over local WiFi, but you can play it on a single tablet in 1vs1 mode. The controls are very easy, to achieve your goal jump around like crazy (House of Pain – Jump Around :D) and try to hop on top of the others’ heads. This game has a few requirements to be able to play it: you need an Android 2.0 device with enabled OpenGL ES 2.0.

Bloody Bunnies Features:

  • Amazing 3D environments
  • Online multiplayer up to 6 players & 2 players on a single android tablet
  • Openfeint leaderboards & achievements
  • 3 addictive game modes
  • 4 beautiful and exciting maps
  • Cute or bloody option
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • 2 tight and easy control schemes