One step closer to Samsung Nexus / Droid Prime


The Samsung Mobile Phone SCH-I515 (model number assigned to Nexus/Droid Prime) just passed through Bluetooth SIG certification.

There are three important hints which leads us to the Prime one of them is the model number, Bluetooth 3.0 (which comes on almost all new device in the last couple of weeks) and the geographical availability.

There is also a lot of speculation why Verizon ditched Galaxy SII, could it be because VW plans to add the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich to its list.

SCH-I515 is CDMA phone with Bluetooth wireless technology. The device has integrated Bluetooth Version 3.0 technology, which allows users to connect wirelessly to optional, compatible hands-free accessories such as Bluetooth enabled headsets and car kits. Another hint that leads us to belive that this is the Samsung Nexus/Droid Prime is the geographical availability where it is mention North America.


source: Bluetooth SIG