Netflix app modded to work on almost any Android device


I stumble upon this modded Netflix app, shared by a Droidforums member and it seems to work on almost any device.

I’ve got confirmation it works on Thunderbolt, Galaxy Tab (original), Nexus S, LG G2X with CM7, Motorola Xoom, Desire Z with CM7, HTC Inspire Android 2.3,┬áMyTouch 4G running CM7, Vibrant with stock rom, Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.2, Nook with CM7, works on Droid X and many more.

If you try this and it works please get back to this article and leave a confirmation that it works on your device stating your model and firmware version, thanks.

Here is the download link, you may not trust this but as you can notice on Reddit a lot of people got it and it works just fine and it looks virus free (note: we will not be held responsible of any issues you will face after this installment).

source: DroidForums via Reddit